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Just let me disappear.
Just let me disappear.
"It makes me sick..."
What will you do if your close person try to suicide ?

"I’m sure what will i do is the same with what everyone will do. no one want their close person die, so they would tried anything to stop it. the reason of every people whose try to suicide is they already give up on their lives.. where we are, as the close person to them? didn’t we should be there for them and give our best to make anything better?

"it should be like that, i think…"



  {❀} — “Please…” My hand tugged on the sleeve of the shirt, desperately. Like I was attempting to pull an answer out. A pitiful answer. “Please, don’t leave…” But my voice doesn’t reach. 


He was surprised b her sudden behave.Why she should said something like that? she made him face her with a tons of questions. “Are you okay, Lule? What are you talking about?”

"What i shouldn’t leave for?"


Well, as you can see, I reached 300+ followers, so thank you for loving this stupid snake. I just want to say few words…this blog exists thanks to all my followers, but there are few people that have make this experience really enjoyable.

I’ll start in alphabetical order:

bakuromeEven if you’re in hiatus, you must be in my follow forever list! There are so many things to say, but I will say the essential ones. You’re a wonderful person: sweet, kind, gentle, but very strong and stubborn. I adore you! And I hope to see you soon on my dash, Melly!

bloodyxjester​: we met this year, in Hunter x Hunter fandom, since I rped as Chrollo Lucifer. You’re like a big brother for me, I love to talk to you OOC both here and Skype, I noticed we’ve really a lot in common and your muse, your Hisoka is pure perfection and Terumi hates and loves him with all his heart xDD I hope we can have more interactions in future.

boobjesty: like bloodyxjester I met you in Hunter x Hunter fandom this year and…well, you’re so kind, sweet with me and I’d like to talk with you OOC, because you’re really awesome!

buttsandbrawns: Bae, my sweet bae…I love Moirande, her behaviour and how she acts with my stupid Terumi, that really loves your muse, his little bluish elf. Maybe these two will marry? Well, I just hope they will be happy. And, darling, you’re super awesome, I’m so happy to talk with you on skype.

chibixtrick: well, even if we never talked, you’re amazing and I’d like to get know you OOC, and maybe one day I will overcome my shyness. I love Mara and I cannot wait to see how our thread will develop.

dissonance-of-madness: you’re my love, my Relius Clover, my only mad scientist. You’re great in portraying mad men like this one and interacting with your muse is quite fun. Terumi hates him and Relius feels the same.

dxke: you were the first person who rped with my Terumi and I was so happy you had contacted me for rping. Even if you decided to change muse, to have a break from BB fandom, I love Ryouma, how you portray him. Your writing style is unique, delicate and easy to read, you’re able to catch the attention of the readers.

forgetmenot-memories: Britt, my dear, we met a year ago in Hunter x Hunter fandom. I cannot forget how my old muse loved Lule, what he felt for her. I let Chrollo suffer for an unrequited love…I was so cruel, but I don’t regret it! Btw, I noticed how wonderfully you developed your skills in writing: I really enjoy reading your threads and interact with your muse. Your Oc is so quality! And you, Britt, you’re always awesome and ready to give me good advices. I’m so happy to have met you.

fortesinfide: it’s wonderful how Tessa treats Terumi, her coldness is precious. I hope we will continue all our threds because your muse is so great and wonderful like you, my dear.

hisokun: Angel, you portay Hisoka in a perfect way, I enjoy reading your threads and see our muse interacts. I really hope they become partners in crime.

iced-major: you’re my lil shit, my sweet Jin Kisaragi. You’re a good friend, that always gives me good advices and support when I’m sad, depressed or broken, you’re able to fix me, and make me happy. I love you with my whole heart.

imaginexporium: I think I said a lot about you, and my point of view never changed in these days. You’re full of imagination, your Ocs are unique, rare, great, awesome like you, but you’re also sweet and kind. I like to talk with you, both Ic and OOC.

ixen-kitril: we didn’t talk so much OOC, but you’re really nice! I love your Kardia, you portray him very well that I’ve the sensation I’m talking with him in person. I hope to talk with you much more than before, above all I’d like to see you on my dash much more, but I know RL sometimes takes we away from our blogs.

marisaxmeteorxcity: what to say? Great mun and muses! I’d like to talk with you more OOC, but I’m afraid to bother you *bows* Sorry, I’m shy and…you know…Btw, I’m happy we met and we rp, and I’m curious to see Terumi and Illumi’s interaction, or how the snake finds interesting Marisa. And you’ve a great writing style: detailed but not bloated, I love it!

miss-fifer: we know each other for two years and I love you and your OC. Do you remember when started this friendship? When I rped like Sir Crocodile, then Donquixote Doflamingo in One Piece fandom. I miss our thread, that in which our beloved flamingo tortured Samara, it was really great, like you Bleu. I love you with my whole heart, darling!

ripplerphinks: you’re a great artist, MJ and I love your drawings, how you portray Mr. Eyebrows. You’re fantastic, honey! Take care!

scarlet-glowing-eyes: you’re my sweet kohai, Mey and I love you! You’re a great friend and I’m super happy to have met you a year ago. We had a lot of fun in Hunter x Hunter fandom, I cannot forget our threads, above all that one where Chrollo and Kurapika kissed, they were so sweet. I hope my new muse, this stupid snake, can have a certain bond with your muse.

thecruelspider: A great cosplayer and a good Machi! It’s always funny see how our muses interact!

vehementvolts: We don’t have talk so much OOC, but you seem really nice! I like how you portray Killua, how he reacts to Terumi’s accusations, innuendo and harassments. I hope these two can have much more interactions in future.

People that follow me and I’d like to interact with them and their muses:

serenaceylen, wheresthethirdwheel, nakazaniye, hatalakasin, lkalgo, conjuringchains. sanguinehymn, bloedend, identicalwolves, dendokumo, zxldyck-kiru, gxllilea, ghostlywriterneon, zoldyckheir, stubbornasstantei, dendokumo.

People I started to talk OOC recently and those I enjoy on my dash:

louder-with-passion, angeliclibretto, usohebi, kurokiishi, the-ragna-clones, shi-ogama, charismatic-thespian, azure-messor, shsl-action-crew, hidako, nol-negotiator, vxolent, gattaimuses, chronicchrisftw, automatriusunholybloodshed.

//AAAAAH ACTUALLY I REALLY LOVE THAT PART SENPAI ehm don’t mind to do it again haha of course after my last year high school done we can built a bond between pika and terumi ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ we are trio ever after 👊 no matter what


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Give my muse a dessert to show how your muse feels about mine.

Chocolate Truffles: Love
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries: Lust
Red Velvet Cake: Secret Admirer
Cupcake: Friendship
Cherry Pie: Adoration
Custard: Loyalty
Fudge: Gratitude
Sugar Cookies: Shyness
Angel Food Cake: Innocence
Flan: Curiosity
Lemon Tart: Inspiration
Licorice: Indifference
Fruitcake: Hatred
Rice Pudding: Distrust
Mint Candies: Jealousy
Saltwater Taffy: Regret
Give my muse something to smile about: Pairos in heaven making flower crowns and being happy and his vision is just fine and isnt feeling anymore pain!!

"…How could you know it?"

"I don’t know is he happy or not there.. but if you ask me, i have the same pray with you. Thank you,"

"Hey look, I'm having this spider problem, I heard you take care of spiders pretty well."

"Go away."

"I’m not going to taking care any spider for you."




"Sawako? It’s been a long time since the last i see you around. How have you been?”

"Oh? Kurapika-kun.. yes it’s been a long time, i’m pretty well. How about you?"

"Hnn… You look quite pale, are you okay?"

"Glad to hear that." He almost think that Sawako maybe just one of the people which is only meet him once in a live. "Well, i’m good. Nothing really special, just as usually…”

He was surprised enough to have her said that. “Is that so? I don’t feel like i have an ill.”


"Sawako? It’s been a long time since the last i see you around. How have you been?”